Jesus First

"Dear Abba, strengthen my spirit with your encouragement today so that I can stay in the center of your will for my life today. Grant me greater strength than that of Samson, greater Love than David, greater wisdom than Solomon, greater courage than Job, greater leadership than Joshua and greater faith than Abraham"~ Pastor Ross … Continue reading Jesus First

Got Faith?

“The great achievers in history have been the men and women who could see the invisible and strive to reach it. Explorers, inventors, liberators, and pioneers in every field have always been characterized by the steady eye that sees the invisible and strives for the seemingly impossible. ”Warren W. Wiersbe Hebrews 11:6 "Without faith it … Continue reading Got Faith?


The term “grace” can be understood in two ways. First, as the character of God who loves and receives fallen mankind solely on the basis of His provisions and promises. It has been defined as the undeserved and unmerited love, acceptance, and forgiveness of God. (See footnote) Its synonym would be mercy. Second, it may … Continue reading Grace

New Believers

When I first met Jesus I was a teenager at age 19. The impact was powerful and my journey was not easy. God is very powerful and the transformation starts the second you believed that Jesus is the Son of God. Meeting other believers, attending Church services, reading the Bible, letting go of bad habits … Continue reading New Believers