John 10:30 Father and Son

“I and the Father are one” This verse is very complex and the first thing you notice is that it does not say, I and the Father are the same. Jesus said that the Father is greater than himself (John 14:28), something to grasp considering that Jesus is God in the flesh.

The meaning of this statement by Jesus is that he is saying that the position of the Father in heaven is better than the position of Jesus when he was on earth which was filled with misery, chaos, hunger and illness. Jesus left his lofty position in heaven to take on human flesh and was now going back to his Father in Heaven amongst holiness and purity.

Jesus is God, he appeared in the form of a man and was rejected by the Jews and led to the cross by the sin of all men. His death defeated Satan, but, Satan is slowly dying from his wounds and has limited time left. The time of Grace will end soon…therefore let’s always be in prayer with thanksgiving. Make your requests known so that the peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds In Christ.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100% this Thanksgiving season