Just a test

Oftentimes God will test our faith because he wants us to grow spiritually or perhaps he wants to prepare us for a future event. It could be that God is testing us to teach us something that could benefit us one day or even to keep us out of harms way.

Some might say that it’s punishment or that God is unfair. Similarly our parent(s) might have punished us when we were younger and we thought the same, but years later we realized it was for a good reason.

God’s thoughts and ways are not ours. He knows what is best for us because we are his children, those who are In Christ.

All good things come from God and his occasional chastisement leads to a rewarding life when we seek his presence daily. It’s for our best that he watches over us.

Consider that if one sheep gets away, God will go after that one sheep to bring it back to the flock. The staff that symbolizes this in the Bible has two ends.

The poker was used to discipline the sheep if they tried to get away while the other end had a loop to pull tree leaves down to feed the sheep. Discipline and reward without using bare hands.

That was the shepherds role, but it is symbolic in the Bible as Jesus is the shepherd and his followers are the sheep.

God’s purpose for Jesus is to insure that once a sheep enters the flock that it never gets away. In other words, once you become a follower of Christ, despite sinning from time to time, you’ll always be sealed with the Holy Spirit and you will never get away from God’s promise of eternal life.

If you sin, confess or agree that you sinned and God forgets you sinned. It’s the only thing God forgets! Make sure to never “live” in sin or practice sin.

How do you know you’re saved? Easy, by obeying the commands written in your heart and found in the Bible.

We do not follow the Law and have not since Jesus died for our sins on the cross. We now live by faith In Christ.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%