Jonathan Edwards

“[I wish] to lie low before God, as in the dust; that I might be nothing, and that God might be all, that I might become as a little child.”- Jonathan Edwards 1703 – 1758 America’s Greatest Theologian.

Let go of ego and be filled with humility. This leads to you becoming exalted. Followers of Jesus have received eternal life, mercy and an abundance of grace. Becoming like a child means to live life without fear, to trust Father God for all things through Jesus.

A child is like a lamb, filled with hope and energy for life without the clutter and does not let life bring him or her down. If you want to be lifted up in spirit and have the full attention and respect of your friends and peers you must place others above yourself in importance through humility. Do not be afraid to let go of ego and pride because God will fill you with joy, peace and righteousness. Allow the power of God’s Spirit to show you the truth (Jesus).

Pastor Ross

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