You have the freedom to make choices; but, having the mind of Christ requires that one possesses the Spirit of the living God. During the time that Jonathan Edwards was a missionary pastor to Native Americans in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, he wrote, among other theological treatises, Freedom of the Will (1754), a brilliant defense of divine sovereignty.

In it he argued that we are free to do whatever we want, but we will never want to do God’s will without a vision of his divine nature imparted by the Spirit. What will you decide to do today? Ask yourself if it is according to God’s will for your life. God has a perfect plan from start to finish for the lives of his children.

His children are those who recognize that the Spirit dwells in the bodies of all who believe, trust and follow God through his Son, Jesus. Jesus is the matter who is God that appeared on earth to forgive men of their sin and to restore a right relationship to Father God. Vision of the divine nature of God is imparted to those who have been symbolically washed in the blood of Jesus on the day they first believed. This is known as being born again of Spirit, not of flesh.

Pastor Ross

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