Why did Jesus speak in Parables?

Jesus was going to help his followers understand by telling them some stories. But there was a further twist. The stories would be parables. In these parables, Jesus told his disciples some family secrets, but with other bystanders overhearing. By using parables, the truly interested (believers) would understand, but the others, only vaguely curious (unbelievers), would not.

Something similar often takes place inside families. Mom and Dad sometimes talk in code to one another in front of the children, communicating only to each other while protecting the topic from the “unready ears” of the kids. And that is what Jesus’ parables were—kingdom truths for believers worded in such a way that the skeptics would not understand. This was kingdom truth for kingdom followers only.

Today, as then, those who accept God’s truth with open hearts are able to understand even deeper truths. They pass through the doorway of initial receptiveness into a treasure of wisdom and insight. Meanwhile, those who resist opening themselves to introductory truths (such as the existence of a holy God and the reality of our sin and need for a Savior) go through life blindly ignorant to principles that the faithful easily see.This highlights a danger for believers.

Even we are capable of coming to a point where we resist God’s truth in some area of our lives. This makes us blind to the riches of further insight and wisdom (cf. 2 Pet. 1:5–11). We cannot afford to resist him for long. The true believer will not lose his or her salvation, but there can certainly be spiritual loss and loss of eternal reward, all as a result of a hardened heart.

A word of caution is appropriate here. The Holy Spirit of God will always conform to the Word of God. He will never contradict it. Be sure the “further insight” you find corresponds to the Word of God and not some other word. Paul reminds us that absolutely everything we need to be—everything God wants us to be—is revealed to us in his Word (2 Tim. 3:16–17).

Therefore, surrender your all to Jesus for he cares for you. Surrender in full trust that Jesus is the truth, the light, our joy and purpose in this world.

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Pastor Ross

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