You can run, but you cannot hide…

Him they compelled to bear his cross – Matt 27:32

There are many Christians of whom this is true. They are compelled to bear the cross, but how does it come? It comes by their running away from it. They make up their minds they won’t have Christ’s cross; and they find when the cross does come that it comes in a more terrible form, with a more crushing weight than ever it would have come had they only been content to submit themselves to the divine direction; for the cross has to come to all who are to be prepared for glory hereafter. – W. Hay Aitken

From Living By The Holy Spirit:

God said to Adam, “Where are you?”- God knew exactly where Adam was, but, he said this because Adam was hiding after committing the original sin along with Eve. God wants to know what you’re thinking and he desires sound reasoning from His chosen. Remember that God is a loving God who does not punish us in the manner that our sin deserves. God has already forgiven us once and forevermore.

From this day moving forward, if you sin or feel that you should hide from your savior, realize that this type of thought is why humanity is in its current situation with the prince of darkness at the helm. Instead, turn away or repent from your sin and Live By The Holy Spirit in you. God is gentle, kind, faithful and He understands and knows every sin you’ll ever commit until the day of your redemption.