Confidant – Watchman – Compass

I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land – Gen. 28:15

“With thee,” companionship; “Keep thee,” guardianship; “Bring thee,” guidance.

From Thoughts from the quiet hour – D.L. Moody editor.

Jesus was guiding Abraham into the promise land. He was Abraham’s companion, guardian and he guided Abraham with precision and timeliness. This morning ask to be guided by your best friend and creator of all things visible and invisible in whom there is nothing but loving-kindness.

Walk in His Wisdom, knowledge and Power. It’s not necessary to “self-promote”, Jesus lifts up the humble and lowers those who lift themselves up with pride. Stay humble, Pray and make requests to Jesus with a thankful heart. Agree to any sin and God immediately forgets that you sinned. Remember that confess in Greek means “to agree”. You were forgiven once and forever when our Savior paid our sin debt in full on the cross. Don’t think for one moment that Jesus forgot a sin, He paid for all sins one time.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%