True Love

We love, because he first loved us 1 John 4:19

A minister remarked: “When Mary and Martha sent to Jesus their message, it was not, ‘Lord, he loveth Thee,’ but, ‘Lord, he whom thou lovest is sick.’ ” It is not our imperfect love to Him that comforts us, but His perfect love to us.—Christian Herald

The definition of love can be described by humans in 1000’s of ways. The real definition of love; however, does not come from humans. The truth is love and His name is Jesus. Jesus gave his life as a ransom in order to give us our life. Jesus is perfect love and only he can fill us with the love that brings satisfaction.

When you are filled with the unconditional love of Jesus, you become humbled in spirit. You realize that true contentment means that you no longer have to prove your self worth to anyone especially Jesus. Prior to the foundation of the world Jesus knew each person who would one day make the greatest decision in their life.

That decision was to believe In Jesus with full trust. This decision came from your heart. The Spirit led convicts the world of sin. The Spirit also provides us with the Faith to take a stand for Jesus. Finally, it is by Grace that you were saved through Faith, not by works. If you could be saved by being good then Jesus died for no purpose on the cross. People, it’s not your works that save you, it’s your belief In Jesus.

We are all created equal in the sight of Jesus. Believers are better off. Why?The reason is that we agreed that we sinned against God and received mercy. Our reward is eternity with Jesus. Believe In Christ, the rest will follow. Can you believe In Christ and follow a lie?

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%