Stay Humble

Whatever hinders us from receiving a blessing that God is willing to bestow upon us is not humility, but the mockery of it. A genuine humility will ever feel the need of the largest measures of grace, and will be perfected just in the degree in which that grace is bestowed. The truly humble man will seek to be filled with all the fullness of God, knowing that when so filled there is not the slightest place for pride or for self.

– George Bowen

Stay low, humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. In doing so, God will lift you up in due time. There is no greater craving then to constantly seek out God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding. To imitate the life of Jesus and to become all that God has planned for you. You get close to Jesus through prayer, including him in everything you say, having him join you in everything you do, lavishing praise upon him for all he has done for you, worshipping him and obeying his commands.

Trust me when I say that when you devote your life in faith to God through Jesus that you will achieve peace and joy in your heart. The result is that you begin to place others above yourself in importance. You learn to be quick to listen and slow to speak. You’ll avoid foolish and empty chatter. People will respect you because they cannot deny that God is in you and that you are very special.

You will learn to fight your battles on your knees. You’ll stop taking the little things for granted. People will mean more to you and you’ll pray for them without them ever knowing. Your sleep will be peaceful and you’ll wake up praising God that you get to be with him yet another day. You and Jesus will become very close and you’ll realize that you no longer have to prove yourself to anyone because God is with you, never leaving nor forsaking you.

You’ll understand that the peace that comes from knowing Jesus surpasses anything that the world can offer you. Fear will dissipate, depression and anxiety will become things of the past. You made it, all your needs will be met from the glorious riches In Christ. You can do all things through Jesus whom strengthens you.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%