Revelation 1:3 says, “Blessed is he/she who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the end is near”

The word blessed has many interpretations, but being blessed comes only from God and is transferred to those who, in this verse, read Revelation out loud. Personally I believe that when you read revelation you’ll be blessed by God because God hears us even when we are silent!

Try to get an audio tape and listen to revelation on your headphones. Or, get a friend to listen with you – in doing this you will both receive blessing from God. Revelation is a prophecy and prophecy is described as anyone under the direction of The Holy Spirit who proclaims the will of God and teaches others to obey God’s commands and to be faithful to God through Jesus.

This makes faithful followers prophets of Jesus! Always be prepared spiritually because Jesus will come back like a thief in the night and absolutely no one knows when this time will come, but when it does happen it will come faster than we can blink our eyes.

The Greek word for time is Kairos. Kairos does not refer to chronological time like a calendar. Kairos refers to a particular moment. So, we need to stay alert to resist the temptations of the devil who is out to get the weak willed to forget about God.

We all know what the devil does so resist temptation by staying fixated on God’s word and always be praying and also stop for a moment to hear God’s voice. We cannot hear God if we are not meditating on the scriptures.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%