Where does that voice in the back of our mind come from, the voice that whispers such things like; do not lie to this person, relations before marriage is wrong, abusing alcohol leads to ruin, stop thinking bad things about people?

God will not force you to be obedient to His way of life In Jesus. You can actually do whatever you desire. Remember that every sin has its own consequences. Some consequences are light while others might leave you with a life long problem.

The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and every single person on this planet knows right from wrong. What separates followers and believers In Christ, from those who reject Jesus, is our response to conviction.

We choose to obey God’s voice. Today you will receive various convictions because all of us have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. Make the right choices! Stay humble and realize that we place others above ourselves in importance. We are better off than those who reject Christ, but must continue to bring others to where we are.

Make right decisions today, remove pride and arrogance. When you hear that inner voice today realize it’s the Spirit speaking to you. What will your response be to the voice of God?

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%