Sermon On The Mount

Who can live out The Sermon on the Mount?

Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two: Matthew 5:41

The Sermon on the Mount is the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is two fold. First, it is on earth and is seen in the lives of all who have been transformed by the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God is also in heaven where it has always resided. How is this the same as the Sermon on the Mount? The person who accepts Jesus receives spiritual rebirth. Then the person begins a lifelong process called sanctification. Sanctification cleanses us not once, but continually throughout our time on earth.

Once a person is in heaven the process of sanctification is complete. There is only one Man who can live out what is said in The Sermon on the Mount and his name is Jesus. However, Jesus has provided a way for those who are willing to go the extra mile.

Jesus has provided us with undeserved merit better known as Grace. In addition, Jesus provided us Mercy. Grace and Mercy give us the ability to apply the things like humility to our lives. Remember, Those who are meek will inherit the earth?

Meek means humble and those who are humble in spirit will inherit the earth. While there are no perfect humans, Jesus sets out the manner in which we should live our lives on earth in The Sermon on the Mount. It seems impossible to fulfill anything in The Sermon on the Mount unless you become born again receiving God’s Spirit inside of you.

The Spirit of God transforms us and enables the “willing” to be generous, to forgive others, to show compassion for those who are suffering and to experience purity in their heart. Purity in heart comes to those who connect directly to Father God through a personal and close relationship to Jesus.

These are the people who obey God’s commands and stay in constant communication with Him daily. The Sermon on the Mount is impossible for those who do not possess God’s Spirit. Those who have committed their lives to Jesus can experience The Sermon on the Mount because, like Jesus, their minds have been transformed by God’s Spirit in them.

It will not be perfect until heaven but God gives us the gifts of Grace and Mercy combined with Faith and Courage so that we stay the course until His return.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%