Has God’s Kingdom entered your soul? How do you know if your truly saved? There are always going to be true followers of Christ who are known by their fruit and the way in which they conduct their lives. There are always going to be what we refer to as, “Wolves in Sheep’ Clothing”.

Those who on the outside appear as if they follow the Lord Jesus. We all have met these types who claim to know Jesus. The problem with them is on the inside, they are merely deceptive and continue to live in sin.

The way that you know you are saved is by being obedient to God’s commands written in the Bible. As soon as you make the commitment to follow Jesus you naturally long after God’s Kingdom and make it a priority to glorify Him in your life. It is useless to call Jesus Lord if you do not follow His commands in obedience.

You cannot have His life and blessings if you do not adhere to His teachings. Remember that the Great Commission is to go out and make disciples of all nations teaching them to OBEY all that I have Commanded you.

Stay obedient to God and you will stay centered in His Will for your life. Fixate on the life and times of Jesus – otherwise known as the Gospel. Father God loves you, Jesus loves you, The Spirit they share loves you. They dwell inside each person who loves them.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%