Living For Christ

Everyone has been guilty at some point of the following: adultery in deed or thought, fornication or “sleeping around”, drunkenness, anger that is not righteous, drug use other than for medication, filthy language or swearing, laziness or slacking off, gluttony or over eating. If you have never been involved in these sins you are an amazing individual lol.

This list goes on and on…”It is foolish for a Christian, who has crucified the flesh with its evil passions and lusts, to resurrect that flesh by gratifying its sinful cravings”

Remember that when you first believed In Christ your body and its impurities were washed in the blood of Christ. Then you were spiritually buried with Christ and resurrected with Him.

Now your spirit is hidden with Christ to be revealed when He returns. We strive to do what Christ did and that means we try to live in purity as we are “Born Again”.

We are in a continuous process of healing called, “Sanctification”. This process ends when Jesus returns. We still sin from time to time and Jesus said that when that happens to just “agree” that you sinned and He will forget you ever sinned by cleansing you.

We do not “live” in sin and if you do you never knew Christ and your belief in Him was false. The Greek word for confess is agree. Confess your sin to Father God. Through Jesus, Father God will forget your sin. This is the only thing God forgets – a confessed sin. Live For Christ by obeying the commands, agreeing that you sin when you sin, loving others and forgiving them, praying for the lost and the saved, honoring the Temple of God which is your body (Christ’ Spirit is in you) and always communicating with Jesus!

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%