Road Map to Serving Christ


To turn away from sin, to start fresh with the renewal of your spirit towards the things of God. The goal is purity and to be like Jesus.


One of the first gifts from God. Without Faith no one can please God. God rewards Faith because it shows a continuous hope In Christ and leads to answered prayer without seeing Him. The apostles lost faith from time to time despite walking with God.


The willingness and discipline to observe God’s commands which are written on everyone’s heart so that there is no denying of the truth that is Jesus.


Going the distance in serving the Lord despite the trials and obstacles that all must endure. She or He who survives until the end will be saved.


God should be our only idol, avoid making idols of anything else.


Taking part in the kingdom of God through prayer, hospitality, caring for needy, tithing and anything that you do to fulfill the Great Commission in Christ.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%