Wealth and Alcohol

Often I get asked questions about morals and what God says about them in regards to living a Christian life. One question is, can I drink alcohol? Another is, can you be rich as a Christian?

There are many moral issues that raise debates on living the Christian life. The reality is that there is no where in the Bible that tells us that we cannot drink alcohol. Jesus and the Apostles had a bit of wine from time to time, I seriously doubt they got drunk.

If you feel that drinking an occasional glass of wine is not for you, do not start. It is probably best to stay away from alcohol. When it comes to alcohol it is the abuse of alcohol which makes drinking it a sin.

The first miracle that Jesus performed was taking five 30 Gallon urns of water and changing them into wine at the wedding at Cana. The person who made the request to Jesus to provide more wine was Mary! If drinking is not for you then do not drink. An occasional glass of wine is totally okay and even healthy for you. I’m not telling anyone to drink, but I am saying that we have the freedom to make choices. God does not tell us what to do, God warns us of the consequences of making the wrong decisions. If you think that drinking alcohol will misguide you and be harmful to your walk with God then stay away from alcohol. If you have a drink from time to time and do not abuse alcohol or wrongly influence people around you then that is fine.

I like to use Apostle Paul as an example. Apostle Paul avoided alcohol, never got married and was not a wealthy man. Paul did not want to influence those whom he desired to lead to salvation. Paul ran the race until the very end. All athletes train by abstinence from things that will get in the way of them reaching their goals of winning. This was Apostle Paul’s way of living the Christian life.

In terms of wealth, Paul knew what it was like to be wealthy and poor. Paul was a tent maker and earned his living. If you read the book of James you will learn that some of the first Christian followers of Christ were wealthy land owners. The church must have wealthy persons in order to support growth. If you are wealthy it is a blessing from God and you need to do the right thing with the wealth God has given to you.

God has sent us convictions for a reason, and anything that is done without faith is sin. The reason is to make us think before we act. Choose wisely and realize that it is best to stay away from anything that clouds your judgment when it comes to living for Jesus!

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%