New Believers

When I first met Jesus I was a teenager at age 19. The impact was powerful and my journey was not easy. God is very powerful and the transformation starts the second you believed that Jesus is the Son of God.

Meeting other believers, attending Church services, reading the Bible, letting go of bad habits and sins. It is a lot to do, but its doable and takes a lifetime, not a day. God has a perfect plan for our lives and when we acknowledge and follow Him, through His Son, Jesus, he begins to show us what we were missing for so long. Namely peace and joy in our heart.

Prior to meeting Jesus we wore a veil or were blinded and followed the world’s ways of living. God has a different way of living to reveal to those who are committed to Him and become intimate with Him. God desires our full attention because he loves us and wants the best for us, even prosperity over health because in the end Jesus said the flesh accounts for nothing. All we take to heaven is the fruit of the spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23 tells us, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

Welcome to the Body of Christ or His Church. The Church building, a place where we fellowship, worship, praise and give thanks to God is actually just that, a building to congregate with other fellow believers. While that is perfectly normal to do, your personal relationship to God through Jesus is the most important part of your spiritual journey as a Christian.

Begin each day with prayer, read the Bible each day even if it is just a paragraph. Perhaps start in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Read of God’s wisdom in Proverbs or of King David’s Psalms. Slowly get familiar with the Old Testament as well which is just as important as the New Testament. Learn of Abraham, Moses, Esther, Joshua, the Prophets, Apostles.

Always remember if you sin, just confess or agree to God that you sinned and try to move away from that sin. The only thing God forgets is confessed sin. Jesus paid your sin debt in full on the Cross as he shed his blood for all mankind. You are very special and God knew your heart would come to believe in Him prior to the foundation of the world – God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

Do not try to preach with billboards or rub people the wrong way with your new found love of Christ. God will lead you in your walk and there will be plenty of opportunity to show your faith, share the Gospel or your testimony on how you found Jesus. We do not force our belief on people, we show them our wonderful witness to the truth by our obedience to God’s Word which is Jesus.

The most powerful tool you have is prayer. So long as you are not living in sin, your prayers are answered according to God’s Will for your life. Therefore, anything you ask for according to His Will is answered. This does not mean it happens right away, God’s timing is perfect and at the right moment he answers the prayers of the saints. Yes, you are a saint as all believers In Christ are saints and we are greater than the angels in heaven as they were created to serve God, we are God’s children and He alone is our Father. Call Him Father God.

His Son is Jesus and God in the flesh is Jesus who appeared before man 2,000 years ago and bore the sins of the world on his shoulder dying a brutal death in order to restore our broken relationship with Him when we rebelled against him. Adam and Eve rebelled first, but we are no different.

Each day, try to memorize a verse of scripture. What you’ll realize is that the scripture you memorize will come to your mind in many situations as you grow in Christ.

Stay the course, ask God for daily wisdom. Your walk with God is not always going to be easy because Satan hates it that you found God. The Holy Spirit dwells inside of you and will get you through any trials. Trials make us strong and only God allows us to go through various trials to teach us or impart wisdom to us, to strengthen us and more.

I’m praying for you and so our the other saints In Christ. When one person repents the angels rejoice in heaven and there are hundreds of thousands of them, maybe millions, so rejoice and welcome to the Kingdom of Christ.

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%