Baptism brings up many discussions, especially infant Baptism.

Let’s make this simple, baptism does not save you in and of itself, God saves you through the sacrifice of His Son and subsequently your belief In Jesus.

Baptism is when we die to our old life and rise to newness of life with Christ all by way of The Holy Spirit.

We are no longer under the demands of The Torah (Think Pentecost, Old Testament, Temple in Jerusalem).

Baptism is symbolic of renewal of the spirit, a cleansing if you will – the old self dies and the new self takes over being resurrected with our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Apostle Paul was never concerned with ceremonial practices that later evolved such as sprinkling water or how much water you are immersed into. There is no mention of infant baptism in the Bible either.

When a person believes In Jesus and receives God’s forgiveness for their sinful rebellion and pride, which came through Adam first, then all men, a Baptism through Fire occurs.

When we receive the fiery baptism we become born again because God’s Spirit enters our bodies and cleanses us of all sin past, present and future.

This does not mean that we will never sin again because we have not been redeemed yet. Your purified spirit now sits on the right side of Jesus in Heaven where it remains hidden until Jesus returns.

Pastor Ross
“Keeping it ðŸ’¯”