Dr. Charles Stanley

For me and my family there has not been a single individual outside of Jesus that has provided us with more biblical truths, wisdom and love than Dr. Charles Stanley. Without making him an idol, he’s the closest thought on my mind when it comes to thinking of anyone who has done more for the Kingdom of Christ over the last 50 years of his devotion to Jesus.

Please continue to pray for Dr. Charles Stanley who, at age 88, continues to serve God with all his strength, soul, body and mind. InTouch.org has distributed hundreds of thousands of Messengers (hand held device that has the entire bible and other items of our faith on it) to the Armed Forces, nations all over the world and to those in need of God’s truth and love.

My wife and I had the unforgettable opportunity many years ago to see and shake this man’s hands as he signed his name to our new Charles Stanley NASB Bibles at a book signing. While there, I mentioned that I was obtaining my MDiv and was so grateful to follow InTouch.org alongside my wife and two daughters. In 2013, I received my MDiv from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary of the Southern Baptist Faith. I’m a Messianic Jewish Southern Baptist lol and am so fortunate to be able to share my knowledge, faith and 40 years of following Jesus with all that God will allow me to.

Thank you, Dr. Charles Stanley, for being a man of faith and inspiration for God’s church of which all believers make up. May you continue to enjoy all God’s blessings and please pray for me and all believers as we pray for you and Intouch.org

Pastor Ross

Keeping it 100%

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