We all have habits such as waking up early, going to bed late or even drinking too much coffee!

There are seven spiritual habits that all followers of Jesus must abide by in order to achieve the type of life that Father God has planned for us.

The first and foremost is prayer. Prayer was what Jesus did most in his ministry on earth. It was prayer that inspired him to do what he had to according to God’s will for his life and ministry.

Prayer is the key to our life In Christ and anything we pray for that is according to God’s will for us will be done. God provides for all our needs In Christ Jesus, but his desire is direct communication with him through his Son, Jesus.

What about our desires? Do we even know what it is that makes us content and filled with peace, joy and righteousness? Jesus said, Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Next is faith and trust in God Almighty. Faith was a gift given to us by God which gave us the ability to believe in his Son, Jesus.

Trusting God means daily surrender to him in things like anger, depression, judgment, dealing with people that offend us and all which causes our walk to stumble. Surrender in faith your life to God and allow him to place you on the straight and narrow path that leads to righteousness.

Christians trust God with all their heart, mind and soul. We must trust that God will do as he says he will through Jesus. Trusting God is imperative to living a life filled with the Spirit of God.

Meditating on God’s Word is one of the greatest habits to develop because the more we read God’s Word, the more we become like Jesus. The bible is filled with over 40,000 promises of God! Reading Revelation brings a special blessing. The Psalms, Proverbs, The Epistles all bring hope, inspiration and keep us rooted and grounded in the Christian faith.

Read God’s Word everyday to unlock his awesome unconditional love, knowledge, power, understanding and wisdom for your lives.

Obedience is honoring God with your life In Christ. Obeying God is listening closely each minute of the day as he speaks to our hearts and minds. When you feel conviction, you can bet its coming from God’s Spirit which indwells all believers. Ask yourself, what is he trying to say to me? Is he sending a warning to be careful or perhaps he wants to teach us something? Listen to God carefully.

Giving to God and to others is necessary for prospering in Christ. If you cannot give much, that is fine, so long as you give with a cheerful heart and are persistent in giving regularly. If its only .01% of your net income, that is fine. Make sure you give regularly because you cannot out give God and he does not need your money, he needs your obedience.

You will never be in financial need when you tithe to God regularly with what you can. God loves a cheerful giver.

Forgiveness to others is the principle we live by as Christians. Sometimes it may be difficult, but remember God forgave us when we lived in rebellion prior to being born again in Spirit.

Humans are not meant to harbor an unforgiving heart.
The quickest way to become ill is to harbor an unforgiving heart. Forgive because Jesus forgave us.

There are many other habits that Christians should have and practice such as tolerance, patience, persistence, diligence, courage, lovingkindness, goodness, self-control – all can be found in Galatians Chapter 5.

What habits are you forming lately?

Pastor Ross