The Spirit

Who is Holy Spirit?

In the next few post’s the role of the Spirit will be described.

To begin, the Spirit is not the Father and is not the Son. The Spirit is only the Spirit of both the Father and the Son and He is coequal to the Father and the Son thus belonging to the three fold unity known as the Triune God.

What connects the Father to the Son? Unconditional Love and since they are connected to each other, that connection being the Spirit, the Holy Spirit is love.

Lastly, (stay with me here), the Spirit comes from the Father and not from the Son, the Spirit comes from the Father “through” the Son.

The Holy Spirit’s role is to perfect all of creation. In essence, once we agree that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, the Spirit enters our bodies and we are made perfect.

You might say that you are far from perfect, but let me share with you what happened when you first accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior…

You spiritually died, were buried and rose from the grave with Jesus. Then, your spiritual body sat to the right of Jesus as a guarantee to Father God of eternal salvation. You were sealed with the Spirit and now await the time when Jesus returns.

When Jesus returns, the dead in Christ will rise first followed by the remainder of the saints in Christ. In the blink of an eye your body is now the perfected spiritual body referenced above.

Please re-read this message a few times and meditate on what the Spirit asks of you. Ask yourself, “what is God trying to tell me?”

In the next few post’s the discussion of the person of the Holy Spirit will continue, until then may the Father, Son and Spirit surround you with unconditional love so you enjoy peace, joy and righteousness.

Life is filled with trials, but we have the Spirit to get us through them all.

In Christ,
Pastor Ross