Prayer: The Greatest Spiritual Power

Prayer is our greatest spiritual power and collectively we have the ability to use this gift, from God, to change the lives of those we pray for including ourselves.

The reason we often do not find ourselves fulfilled as followers of Christ is that we simply haven’t prayed in earnest.

It works this way:

Prayer and Reading God’s Word.

God speaks to us through Jesus, who is “The Word” The Word is the Bible because all scripture has been breathed or given to man directly by God. Man did not write the Word. When you read the Bible you’re reading “God’s” thoughts.

We speak to God through Jesus in prayer. Jesus takes our prayers to the Throne Room in Heaven where according to His Will they are answered. If our prayers are according to the Will of God for our lives, they are answered. Careful what you pray for😀

I’m praying for everyone whose a part of this web address. Please pray for me as well.

When you pray, be specific, pray for family, health, prosperity, jobs, for people who are suffering for the cause of rights, for our leaders, for our teachers, first responders, for the lost who do not know Jesus.

This is a short list, you cannot possibly list all prayer requests because it’s infinite.

When we get to the Gate of Heaven we will see all the people that we prayed for and it will be an unbelievable site to see.

Pastor Ross
Keeping it 💯