Obeying God

Living the life of a follower of Jesus is never easy; however, there is one way to insure that you’re living your best life In Christ.

Obeying God is how we know that we are who we say we are In Christ. Obedience is the cornerstone to Christian living and it is always rewarded by God the Father.

Protection from evil, security in our walk with God are the key benefits to being obedient in our faith. God is not trying to be controlling, he is surrounding us with his unconditional love and providence and we must abide in Him.

You might think your way is the best or perhaps the world’s ways. Truth is that God always has his best interest in those who love Him. Obeying God gives us that needed confidence in knowing that our future is safe and secure In Christ.

Obedience to God gives us the ability to face any consequences and know that God will take care of them for us.

Pastor Ross