Intimacy with God

The best way to start the year is by building an extremely close relationship with God. So many people will say that they believe in God, but leave Jesus out.

You cannot have a relationship with Father God without having been forgiven and cleansed by the blood of His Son, Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God. Think if I took a piece of God and put it on earth in the form of a man.

The Father, Son and Spirit are co-heirs, co-equal but not the same. Jesus said, “I and the Father are one”. (John 10:30) Jesus did not say that I and the Father are the same. Each part of the God-Head plays a key role in the lives of the saints or God’s children.

There is only one God, Jesus is our Lord, Savior, Messiah and His purpose was to reconcile us back to a right relationship with God the Father by His work on the cross.

The Spirit is shared between the Father and the Son and every person that believes upon Jesus as Lord and Savior has received the Spirit for 1,000’s of reasons such as guidance, comfort, wisdom.

So to sum this up, Jesus is God!

Now that we are clear on who God is, we need to develop the most intimate and purpose driven relationship with him as we can.

Prayer and reading the bible provide us the key elements in our relationship to Jesus who is also called The Word of God. Reading scripture and praying daily will determine the impact that we have as followers of Christ.

So, this year focus each and every day on Jesus and trust me your life will not only fall into the right path, but you’ll discover God’s mission for your life on earth and that includes His awesome peace, joy and righteousness.

Pastor Ross