Assurance and Warning

What exactly is the purpose of the Bible? Believers live in a world that is filled with hostility and every kind of evil.

The main focus of the Bible is to call Christians to a faithful life in Christ, a road map if you will. All the directions for living out a life that is faithful In Christ is found in the epistles, psalms, proverbs and the four gospels of Jesus life and times. Included are the histories and origins of God’s peoples and how they relied on God to overcome all situations.

God includes the stories of trials and tribulations because it reveals what happens when we stray away from God’s plan.

The second purpose of the Bible is to remind Christians of God’s assurance and to know that we are to rely on the throne of Grace.

God provides us times of rest as evidenced in Heb 4:9-13. He understands our frailty and wants us to have peace joy and righteousness as much as possible.

We must have regular spiritual fitness check ups. The key to living a Christian life is found in worship. At the end of the day it will not be how physically fit you are.

What matters the most to God is your constant worship of Him. This is what gives us our strength. God rewards us through our prayer, worship and thought processes. When we focus on these spiritual tasks, mainly silent, God responds in numerous ways.

Our assurance is found as we grow closer to God through the Holy Spirit. The best way is to read and meditate on God’s Word found in the Bible. Stay rooted In Christ by reading daily God’s Word and by reaching out to God through prayer and worship.

Ask yourself today, “How is my spiritual fitness?”

Pastor Ross